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While My Guitar Gently Weeps Illustration

Digital and Risograph

Animation in After Effects

Song by the Beatles

Horse Horse Revolution

Digital and Colored Pencil

Close your eyes and imagine a spinning horse. Can you see it? People (or cats) with aphantasia, or the inability to visualize mental imagery, would find this task impossible. Nonetheless, they can still call on episodic memories to navigate temporal space. Through this, we can see that imagination and memory are separate. This is what Tomy Ames’s paper, On Unifying Declarative Memory, argues. 

The sensory world and the mental world are disconnected. This cool cat experiences the sensory world solely as a present moment. The horse-energy-beams are in a constant state of change— shifting, pulsating, reacting. Once they are made into memory, they are transformed into something familiar, but different. They are dated fixtures traveling backwards in time. Floating, the cat navigates their mind.

Made as a part of "Nature of Memory" art show (2023).

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